Welcome to my Mythic Adventure…

The turning of the tide.

Many years ago I came to a turning point in my life. I had hit a particularly low moment and knew I had to make a change. I made a commitment then and there to no longer act from a place of fear, and to never again allow myself to settle for a situation where I was waking up every morning dreading my day.

At that point I began to make conscious choices to change my life, and my lifestyle – to streamline, downsize, simplify, focus, detach, and reclaim.

After digging myself out from under a mountain of stuff which had begun to own ME, and disengaging myself from perceived obligations which were no longer serving, I was able to finally get a handle on the things which are truly important to me – those which I was most impassioned to spend time on – and to which I had not been giving any attention whatsoever.

The results of this transition have been transformative in so many unexpected ways. Just letting go of the VAT of veiled resentment I had been carrying around for nearly 30 years for not allowing myself to spend time on the things which brought me such joy – was enough to completely shift my perspective, my personality, my whole outlook on life. I truly think our health as humans could be dramatically improved by this simple shift.

In the past decade I have traveled the world, once circumnavigating the globe completely in a two month stretch. I have dabbled my toes in at least 25 countries, lived for three years in the hinterlands of China and Tibet, and five seasons in a remote fishing village on an island in the wilds of Alaska.

I have been to the biggest, most vibrant cities on this planet, and crewed sailboats for 6 months in the Caribbean, crossing oceans and braving high seas. I have put my hand in the confluence of waters where the dark Rio Negro runs side by side with the pale Rio Solimoes as they join to form the mighty Amazon.

I have plucked crocodiles from the river with my bare hands in the deepest jungle, and I have listened to the Imam call to prayer rise up over the city of Istanbul as the deep orange sunset spilled into the Bosporus.

I have hiked more than 2000 miles in one contiguous journey, and have climbed on 16,000ft peaks on multiple continents.

I have self-published a novel, started several small businesses, managed a large corporate processing facility and wandered through abject wilderness few humans have ever before seen.

I am living my life.
Every day.
Waking up in each moment to make sure that I am happy NOW.
Not some day.

Throughout my adventures, I have learned numerous languages, customs, and patterns, and as a trained anthropologist I excel at sinking in, chameleon-style, to every new subject until I can really see the world through their eyes.

There is no judgment – as I love ALL the textures.

But I have a special quality in that I am like a magnet inside an insulated and orderly design or framework moving through a chaotic flurry of metal shavings. As I pass through, order naturally emerges.

I have a unique gift in my ability to immerse myself in any process or environment and be able to see the underlying pattern, and then be able to see how, with just a few simple adjustments, the pattern could work more effortlessly, with grace and ease and comfort, and with greater results.

A little organized planning at the beginning and the work can nearly take care of itself – leaving us more time to spend on the things we truly care about.


This process works whether you are an individual wanting to unclutter your home, to streamline your life, your schedule, your priorities – or whether you are a business or larger organization trying to improve your efficiency, efficacy, and continuity.


97186718959If you are in chaos and seek peace, and the ease of life flowing along like honey and butter, then I can probably help you.

Please let me.

There is no greater joy than watching someone literally stand up inches taller after letting go of decades worth of excess baggage, emotional stowaways, and inefficient or redundant systems.





And for those of you who appreciate your chaos: I do believe, as Nietzsche claimed, that “One must still have chaos within oneself, to give birth to a dancing star.” I may weave order out of chaos, but I am no chaos destroyer. I honor its beauty, its mystery, and its part in the grand design. But the world could use you most at your highest potential. I can help you tame the edges of the chaos, so that you are riding its wave, instead of being rolled under.


I wake up every day feeling happy.Andes Nomad

Doing the things I love.

This is one of those things.

Buracao Beach at Rio Vermelho in Salvador de BahiaAnd I’m gonna out myself here:
My goal is to do everything in my power to make sure that everyone gets to feel the way I do.

Are you ready?
Who’s next?